Let's Stop Holiday Hunger

1.4 million children claimed a free school meal in January 2020. Westminster cover the cost of the free school meal and pay £2.30 per child, per meal in England. This is of course welcomed support as we are well aware, that for some children, this is the only hot meal they will receive each day.

On average children attend school for 190 days a year and have 175 non-school days. Knowing the dependancy some children have on the free school meal, holiday hunger is a huge concern and a hardship that no child should have to endure. 

Your Farmer’s unique giving stream can put an end to holiday hunger, here’s how…

The Your Farmer brand has been bespoke built to produce free meals for people in food crisis, all funded via an in-budget spend being inputted into Your Farmer’s unique giving stream. With a fresh supply of great tasting British produce direct from British farms, Your Farmer can supply produce to schools and the free meals generated from the schools custom can support children during the non-school days.

Your Farmers unique giving stream would provide meals during the non-school days to pupils that qualify for the free school meals, eliminating holiday hunger. The free meals provided are full balanced meals with full ingredient traceability and as you can see from the example below, each pupil would have a surplus of 15 meals per annum.

Just by switching an in-budget spend to Your Farmer, School’s can receive great tasting British produce with full ingredient traceability and every child attending the school who qualifies for free school meals will be supported during non-school days. 

Putting a Stop to Holiday Hunger!

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